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Brandon Ellington Enterprises

Brandon Ellington 

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Register with us today as a Referral Partner and get paid for who you know, while your successful referrals get educated through who we know!  

Successful referrals can earn  you up to  3% per loan completion. When we get paid, you get paid.

Who is Brandon MrFinance?

Who is Brandon MrFinance?

Brandon Cornell Ellington, aka Brandon MrFinance started in the financial arena at the age of 17. He couldn't do loans, because of his young age, so instead, he stood side by side next to his boss and learned how to process loans, how to respect clients, how to be an excellent loan officer and then he became one.

He has always walked in integrity, even when his clients tested the legal waters. One thing he learned - if you get too close to the flame, you're going to get burnt.

Because of this Brandon MrFinance doesn't go near the flames of shadiness. So if you're serious about loans, he's here to service your financing.

Many times, business people in the community will test his integrity, will try to steal his ideas, will see what he can do, then take it to a more "traditional" banker to complete the loan. This is heartbreaking, but as our people have not been raised to honor their own; to respect their own; or to trust the best service can come from their own people, Brandon MrFinance has an occasional client try to gather information from him and handle it on their own. Mr. Ellington merely shakes his head at these naysayers and waits for their return.

Pensive, forgiving and all about the money, Brandon MrFinance is here for the serious about getting paid for what they know and how they operate. He's here to teach you how YOU can be a better real estate or business entrepreneur.