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Access Capital Today offers programs to assist customers that have reached roadblocks in their pursuit of their visions for their family and community.  We want to help create an avenue for financial growth 

and for opening the doors for community enhancements.

7 Ways to Stellar Credit & Wealth Accumulation 

With or Without Financials

A Life of Excellency – A Life Lived By Design – A Life Full Of Experiences – A Life Full of Options – Your Life

Credit – Monetization of Credit – Monetization of Money – Protection of Monies & Assets – Residual Income – Passive Income Resources – Legacy – Generational Wealth – Endless Return on Investment

Program Costs: $3495.00 or 7 payments of $550.00

7 Steps to success and the future you desire:

1. Consultation, Credibility Review and Fundability Review.

2. Understanding your purpose, your passion for this purpose and how to fund it based on a schedule and in the now.

3. Debt review and how to turn your trials into triumphs and profitability. Also gain access to our debt cancellation program which assist you on how to cancel debt in 6 to 36 months with the exception of good debt. Good debt is that tax deductible debt which pays you that we will assist you with learning on how to create it, cancel it and show you how to make it residual. Learn how to make 50k to 200k every 7-13 months tax free even with credit scores as low as 560. Also learn how to generate 1 million dollars in 12-60 months with a passive income plan of 100k for life.

4. Second review of credit and the strategies to move it off your personal credit reports where it is not beneficial. All while assisting you in painting the picture lenders want to see to make you more attractive and fundable.

5. Money spent money making money recovery plan. The power of 5 ways to make your money pay you, pay your family, access compound interest, protect your family and your business in case of traumatic occurrences, protection resources in case you become terminally ill that can cancel lending debts for specific lending products and more.

6. Power of 10 homework program that will assist you in 4 lending types even with less than perfect credit. Secrets of the wealthy strategies. How to make your cash on hand and brokerage accounts give you options just because. 

7. Learn our Purchase to profit system and business educational program.

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Find the Financing Program that Best Fits You 

Access Capital Today offers an array of programs befitting small and start-up businesses, but also offering advantages and benefits to the well-established businesses with growth on their agenda!.  Below, are the main program structures in place for 2019.  Find your best fit and contact Brandon Ellington today!

For payment options, call(812) 244-3609 or email [email protected]

HomeBuyer Plus

8 Steps to Buy Real Estate... 

Regardless of Credit


Get paid to own; 

Take advantage of tax benefits;

Get Fix & Flip education & experience where possible;

Join our $10,500 per month 

Income Acceleration Program;

Increase profits... 

(you can profit even if in bankruptcy!)

Price:  $6,000 

Up to 6-months payment plans available and we will finance those who qualify

HomeVestors Pro

680 minimum Credit Score Required

2-5 year Partnership Agreement

Access up to $350,000 in 5-30 days

Profit through our real estate machine and system

Access up to $100.000 every 7-13 months tax free

Price:  $6,000

or two easy payments of $3,000

Financing available to those who qualify.

Referral Program

If we make money, 

You make money!

Refer 3 a day... make 100K

(on successful leads)

30-30-30-30 Program

30-Hours per month

Require 30 Clients ...

who recruit 30 Clients 

and learn how to generate a residual check of $10,000 per month

{$500 towards Insurance Product;

$500 compound interest income; 

$750 car allowance

$1500 p/mo housing allowance

Also, learn how we maybe able to issue you a line of credit for up to $100, 000 with low interest rates just for being a partner!}

Price:  $1500 down / $399 per month for the following 3 months.

Build A Buyer Program

Buyer's Education

Do's and Don'ts

Maximize your credit profile to qualify for the most!

Learn how to buy and live

rent or mortgage free!

Learn how to cancel your mortgage

in 30-60 Months!

Learn how Insurance Payments can pay off your mortgage & more...

Learn how to buy in 30-90 days CASH regardless of credit!

Price:  $6,000 ~ 1 Payment or 

$1,000 Down plus $500 p/month for a period of 12 months.

Non-for-Profit Funding

Community and Faith~Based Organizations & Investment Groups

Learn how to Create $500,000 or up to $2 Million dollars per year, TAX FREE in or Partner Program.

Price: $2495 - 1 Payment or 

5 monthly payments of $500

What our customers are saying

I've gone through other programs and had limited success.  

Access Capital Today got results and fast.  

Darlene Taylor