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Brandon Ellington of Access Capital Today, LLC

Brandon Ellington is a Business Development and Lending Specialist. His background is in banking for nearly 21 years. He has take the education in finance, banking and that of owning mortgage companies and shared the information ascertained with the general public. He does this in an effort to educate the masses in many under served communities. What Brandon "MrFinance" Ellington teaches is ways to accumulate wealth, ways to pay little to no taxes and create residual income resources for life, asset protection and ways to secure unsecured funding and secured funding without collateral. He also builds individuals up to help them achieve funding even with bad credit and assists them in scaling to great credit and becoming fundable and building wealth or financial freedom. His favorite thing to do is show someone how to make 50k-200k every 7 to 13 months tax free! Yes tax free using his systems. If you are ready for financial success he can help you. Not to mention in his 21 years he has helped his clients in this arena to go without default following his systems. Lastly if you need access to large sums of capital and you have great credit meeting a few small requirements he can potentially help you access up to 1.5 million unsecured with no financials in 5 to 30 days on average. Special restrictions apply. So if you are looking for a 100k- 200k passive income for life regardless of credit you have come to the right place to learn how. Call Brandon "MrFinance" Ellington at 812.244.3609 and one of our team members will call you back within 24 hours.

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Brandon Ellington

Director of Operations / Business Consultant

Helping people get their business established and funding underway is a lifelong passion for Brandon, After 21 years, his connections have caught up with his commitment to opening the minds of entrepreneurs, both new and established and funding their dreams.  

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