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Wealth Transformation Program

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Wealth Transformation Program

After years or research and servicing clients. We’ve put together a series of programs that build and educate our customers. We strategically package our clients up and reshape and re-purpose them. The missing components from most individuals is the right relationship, the right education and the right structuring along with capital. We bring those things to the table and so much more. If you’re ready for success take a look below at what we bring to the table just for starters and sign up to start transforming your future now! Contact Brandon today!

1. Start a new business and make profitable in the first 30 -90 days 2. Build corporate credit independent of your ssn 3. Learn how to build wealth in our educational system. 4. Learn how to make your money and how take it pay for itself while you focus on your projects. 5. Develop an income of minimum 8k per month after 8 months in the program. 6. Improve the finances of your network 7. Learn to generate 50-200k a year tax free every 7-13 month 8. Build a business to suit non-recourse lenders and how learn how to do it without providing your ssn. 9. Build all required tiers and such to position yourself for no personal guarantee required funding. 10. The joy of financial freedom! 11. As a bonus access our Business Boot Camp 12. How to use insurance products to pay for your future and the benefits while living, how to access cash tax free off investments made, how to protect your business in the event of terminal illness or death so it stays in the family or in order paying off the debt, the art of leverage and more. You will hear from a series of speakers and be given homework to insure you are educated and armed to maximize every opportunity. 13. Get access to the top grant writers and learn how they have never been turned down and how to write and get your grant requests approved, how to access programs that pay for children to go to school and so much more! We project you will earn million dollars if following our systems though we can’t give guarantees. However you will at a minimum learn how to build 50-200k tax free and learn how to access large residual incomes annually or monthly. We make no guarantees but these are the typical results. 

Program Cost $3500 down and $750 per month for 31 months Other items included a new business that we will develop to meet our standard, corporate commercial address, virtual receptionist, toll free number, corporate website, corporate email, 10 agent emails, 411 listing, business credit tiers built, credit restoration if needed, google and super page listings, fbss developed, corporate and bank compliance systems set up, build for real estate funding not in personal name, 

Toll Free: (855) 428-0356 

Email: [email protected]